Frequently Asked Questions

I already have a fax server – why do I need this service?
Whether you have a stand-alone fax machine or a fax server, you are still at risk of losing important faxed documents. The only way you can truly know your incoming fax line is working is to have a test fax sent.

FaxPing.com is located OUTSIDE your network and checks your connections to the worldwide telecommunications networks. From our data centers, we will call your fax server every 15, 30 or 60 minutes to confirm that your server answers the call and accepts the fax. If after 3 calls, a complete call cannot be established, FaxPing will notify you via email or SMS text.

I have a redundant fax server -why do I need this service?
Even though you may have created a redundant system, you are still connected to the public switch telephone network (PSTN) and your server will only send or receive faxes if that telephone connection is up.

Why would my server not answer an incoming call?

  • Your PBX is down
  • Your T1 is down
  • There is static on incoming lines
  • You’re experiencing internal VoIP network latency
  • There are long distance routing issues
  • Your internal database server down
  • Your phone lines may be disconnected from Brooktrout card
  • Your server was not restarted after Windows updates were installed
  • Maybe your server login password has changed due to policy and when restarted the passwords were incorrect
  • Software updates to your VoIP network

There are many issues outside the basic server infrastructure that can cause your fax server to not answer incoming calls. Contact us at 952.224.3340 x 206 or email sales@faxping.com for more information.