Why It’s Important

Every Organization is at Risk for Missing Faxes

Whether you have a stand-alone fax machine or a fax server, you are at risk for losing important faxes. Even redundant systems are not enough because you still rely on the public switch telephone network (PSTN).

So how can you know if your incoming fax line is working? There’s only one way—to have a test fax sent.

Once you get an email or text alert, then you can troubleshoot your faulty connection. There are many issues outside the basic fax server infrastructure that can cause problems:

  • T1 or PBX is down
  • Static on incoming lines
  • Internal VoIP network latency
  • Long-distance routing issues
  • Internal database server is down
  • Disconnected phone lines from a Brooktrout card
  • Server wasn’t restarted after a Windows update installation
  • Software updates to your VoIP network
  • And on and on and on …

FaxPing doesn’t tell you why your fax server went down. There are all kinds of products and services to help you with that problem. But FaxPing does tell you when your fax system went down—and you can’t fix what you don’t know is broken.

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